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Oh, I've two games I'm working on: DISTRAINT and The Human Gallery.

DISTRAINT will release at this Halloween: Check here!

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Silence of the Sleep has received some outstanding reviews from critics and users!
Unfortunately not many of these reviews ends up in Metacritic.

If you have played the game, please consider showing your support over Metacritic.

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Steam store page online!



Silence is coming October 1!

Silence of the Sleep Release Trailer



Hey guys!

I've been working pretty hard with the game as the release is coming closer and closer (October 1st). I've been trying to get the game ready and get all the texts checked out so I could send them out to be translated.

At first, I was a way too optimistic about how long the translating would take. (Did I write "around a day"?) A way too optimistic, sorry!

Anyways, I've been trying to get the game ready and I'm very, very close! But handling with the bug fixes, all the paperwork and everything feels that the schedule is too tight to get the game properly translated before the release.

So I have decided I will release the game in English only, and once I've released the game I will send out all the texts to be translated and later release an update with translations.

It was not a very nice decision to make, but it really gives me some breathing space! I hope you understand, it's pretty stressful as it is!






Interested in translating Silence of the Sleep into your language? Read on! :)

This is not official but I'm trying to release the game 1st of October 2014. This said, it would not be too long ahead and I've still got plenty to do.

So, I've got lots of requests if the game will be translated into different languages. I think it is a good idea! Here is a small list of which languages I've been thinking:
German, Russian, Spanish, Italian, French, Brazilian Portuguese, Japanese.

If you think the list is missing some language that should be included, let me know!

Okey, Silence of the Sleep is my debut game and I've been creating it with minimum income. I still need to invest some money to register company and some additional stuff in Finland.
I mentioned this because currently I can not afford to pay for translations.

What I ask is if you would be interested in translating the game into your language?
As said, I can't pay but I would be more than happy to include your name in ending credits and once the game is ready send you a Steam key of the game.
If Silence of the Sleep can be a success, this would be a good add-on to your portfolio!

There will be around 3500 lines to be translated, so it's not a huge amount of text. I'd say it takes around a day to translate.

But before the possible translations I would need someone to check the English dialogues and texts, when they are good to go the translations would follow!


As I can't pay I don't expect you to be a professional. But good English skills and writing skills are necessary to get the best possible translations!
I've already a few emails asking if they could translate the game, I'm going to read through these again and contact them soon.

It would be also good to have 2 persons per translation. One to translate and one to proofread!

If you are interested please contact me at


I'm currently starting with CHAPTER 5 which is the final chapter!

Okay this is a estimate as I can't predict things to come.
However if everything goes as planned I'm able to finish the game around end of the August.
Then I would start polishing the game and the first thing I'd do is I'd check the English dialogues so I could send them out to be double checked.

Hopefully after a couple of days I'd get the English dialogues back, fixed and good to go. At this point I'd send out the English dialogue for all the translators.

As the schedule is pretty tight I'd need the translations in around a week to get enough time to plant them in the game and check everything works.

Long read but thanks for reading! :)



I finished CHAPTER 3, finally!
Two CHAPTERS to go, stay in tune!

Oh yeah, another brilliant painting from my brother! :)



Silence of the Sleep has been Greenlit! :)



Silence of the Sleep is doing pretty well in Greenlight. I'm about to hit 80% of way to the top 100! Looking good! ;)

Oh yeah, check out this awesome wallpaper my brother drew!



Rely on Horror Silence of the Sleep preview!
Read here.



Silence of the Sleep is now in Steam Greenlight!

If you like what you see consider showing your support, thanks! :)

I also updated game info, website, screenshots etc!



Added a couple of new screenshots to Steam concepts.
I'll try to update the homepage at some point, but now back to working with the game! ____________________________________________________


Silence of the Sleep in Steam concepts!



First 13 minutes of the game is out! Check here!



Site up and teaser out!

Process with the game is going well. I think that the game is around 10% ready.

Created my very first facebook account, hoping to get some supporters there.


Silence of the Sleep

Silence of the Sleep is upcoming psychological horror adventure game for PC. .

You play as a man called Jacob Reeves.
A man who has lost his reason to live.
He throws himself into a blackness to end his misery, but instead of it being the end he wakes up without a memory of his life before.

You will travel through the abstract world of Silence of the Sleep to find the very reason for your journey...

What should you know?

Now that is a good question!
Here are some info about Silence of the Sleep that I believe are worth knowing:

o Side scrolling 2D with unique, digitally drawn graphics

o Unique music from one end to another

o Minimalistic interface - I wonít hold your hand through the game

o Challenging puzzles

o No shooting - Enemy encounters are pretty rare and you canít kill the enemies, avoid and hide from them to survive

o Original gameplay and twisting story - Silence of the Sleep has well crafted balance between horror and adventure, this allows me to build different atmospheres which brings variety to gameplay

o One man game - Graphics, animation, coding, music... You name it!

About me

Good evening, sir.

My name is Jesse Makkonen, a 26 year old guy from Finland.
Silence of the Sleep is the first game I'm working with.

I have been developing for around 9 months now and Iím around 95% ready with the game. My aim is to release October 1st 2014.
Iíve had my ups and downs, but Iím very happy to be able to develop this game.

I sincerely hope it will be a game for players to enjoy!

Updated 16.08.2014



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